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R&D (3)

his project has the following strategic purposes:


  • Provide solutions to turn Lógica's headquarters into a “zero emissions” building due to solar energy and geothermal systems for passive interior climate. The combination of different systems also include: rainwater harvesting, intelligent and economical lighting and natural lighting for the building interior;

  • Build up an energy monitoring system according the parameters that allow the evaluation of energy performance, interior air quality, production and consumption of passive and inductive energy. Also a dedicated section for the study of energetic conditions and thermal behavior associated to construction techniques;


  • Demonstrate the potential of integrated energy systems base on data login, data processing and public release;

  • Build a house for demonstration of innovative and sustainable construction techniques, energy efficiency and solar energy use.

This project is co-funded by INAlentejo.


Written by Friday, 14 December 2012 11:33

This project is based on research and demonstration and intends to create a renewable energies innovative system by developing a prototype for electric energy generation based solar thermal concentration with an energy storage system.


The foundations of this project consist in the use of a well known but not spread technology and the barriers for its usage extension.


This is one more step for R&D promotion in emerging technologies with the contribution of universities, that will led into a regional development launching Moura's county in the areas of science and technology. This project is co-funded by INAlentejo.

This project is based on evidences that solar and wind energy production is limited the availability of the renewable resource and can't be controlled. For this reason integrated system are better than isolated ones. The aim is to show the technical and economical feasibility of integrated systems in order to make the best use of renewable resources for energy production.


The purpose is to build a pilot unit with various integrated systems based on renewable resources that will able the use of hydrogen as an energy storage mechanism. The continuous optimization of this pilot units will provide multiple purposes for energy consumption as electricity and heat to be used in domestic hot water the environment climate.


The range of advantages includes, low size of the system, easy integration into delicate urban environments, decentralized installations next to the points of consumption as complement for traditional systems. The sizing of this systems will depend on the consumption profile, but in some cases it can satisfy all the energetic needs.


This Project is Co-funded by INAlentejo in the sphere of “Programa Estratégico da REDE ECOS” - Energy and Sustainable buildings.