laboratory-1Lógica E.M. S.A. was stablished in the beginning of 2008 after the conclusion of Amareleja's 45,78 MW PV plant. Nowadays Lógica E.M. S.A. is the owner of an accredited laboratory with the highest quality equipments for the complete verification of IEC standards for PV industry.


Moreover, also consultancy service are provided at all domains of photovoltaic technology.



Lógica E.M. features the following services:

  • Support industry in the areas of Product Development and Quality Control;

  • Technology validation in laboratory to PV modules coming from different origins;

  • Whole tests and verifications for certification of PV modules;

  • In-situ inspections to PV plants.


All equipments are operated by highly qualified technicians. We have open air platforms to perform tests in natural conditions with continuous monitoring of solar irradiance and weather conditions.


In order to take advantage of our high quality equipments, Lógica E.M. S.A. has developed a great portfolio of strategic national and international partnerships with industries, universities, R&D promotion institutes in the fields of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy.


Holding a zero emission building located at the Technological Park of Moura and harnessing the best solar irradiance of Europe, Lógica E.M. S.A. intends to be your reliable partner for development of solar energy.