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PTMoura (2)


Written by Friday, 14 December 2012 12:47

The strategic goals of PTM are:

  • Contribute for the creation of new R&D and Technological industries that aim to be a social added value for city of Moura and surrounding region;

  • Provide physical structures and services to support the implementation of business activities in the Park, ensuring a compatibility between investors (private and public) and the resulting partnerships as an added value of a correct management in terms of time and space;

  • Development of management tool that can be able to pursue new demanding and dynamic projects;

  • To give a contribution to the business development and improvement to the County of Moura as through new investment as a way to benefit the local economy and society;

  • Promote the right conditions for strategic partnerships in order to constitute a regional and national cluster in the area of renewable energies.


plantaPTMPTM is in a stage growing infrastructures and has already built two important business units:

  • Moura's Solar Manufacturer, a PV assembling factory with a total producing capacity of 40 MW/ year and 100 employees;

  • Start-ups Hosting Center of Moura, which reduces the initial investment by providing common services to the installed businesses. This infrastructure has a training room for 50 persons, a meeting room, reception, 4 office rooms (with a total area of 98 sqm), 6 multifunctional spaces for businesses implementation (with a total area of 490 sqm). The occupancy rate is about 80%.


Furthermore, an entrepreneurship grant was created with 50 promoters which means an occupation of 123035 sqm, contributing for new 200 employees.

Lógica E.M. building is in final stage of construction. It hosts a renewable energies laboratory and a plenty of energy research units with platforms for tests and analysis and a sustainable construction unit for monitoring of energy efficiency data.

The Park

Friday, 14 December 2012 12:41

The Technological Park of Moura (portuguese denomination: Parque Tecnológico de Moura – PTM) is 342313 sqm, which is located in the south of Moura city.


The park's target is the start-up of economic activities and industries in the area of sustainability, such as: renewable energies laboratory, R&D and demonstration units, sustainable construction, emerging energy resources, environmental industries and technological integration. Besides all activities, PTM has a great green area with privilege for informal open air activities.


Beyond the physical aspects, PTM aims to develop other activities like: support start-ups and improvement of existing companies, industries internationalization through strategic networking, promotion and execution of R&D industrial projects, demonstration of good practices and results, education and training, as well as support to entrepreneurship.