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R&D for product development and new solutions in renewable energies area, from solar  to geothermal energy, and from energy production to storage.

Renewable Energies Laboratory

This is the renewable energies laboratory consolidation project installed at Technological Park of Moura focused in solar energy. Is also consolidates the scoped of services offered by Lógica E.M. S.A. in terms of research and development, relationship with industry and support to the companies installed at the Park.

The laboratory specialized in tests and certification of PV modules and R&D in solar energy, is the first in Portugal with the most sophisticated equipments for its activities. A laboratory like this promotes rural development, strategically in innovative areas like energy. The location inside a park    that was specifically built for R&D activities in the areas of Energy and Environment, intends to create a cluster due to the innovative elements.

This project is co-funded by INAlentejo through the Programa Estratégico do Sistema Regional de Transferência de Tecnologia do Alentejo (Strategic Program of Alentejo's Regional System for Technology Transfer) – SRTT. 

The strategic importance of this operation through SRTT is complemented by the promotion of regional scientific structures and an effective network in order to provide innovation, knowledge and Alentejo's economic development. This is possible by partnership relations with local entities, companies, R&D institutes and Universities.


Zero Emissions Building

This the project for the construction of Lógica's building.

This project has three fundamentals

Investment in construction techniques that will decrease the ecological foot print such as reduction of materials transportation (by using local made materials) or by using premanufactured materials;

Development of technical solutions that enable the building to be zero emissions, by using solar and geothermal energy to climate, as well as systems of rainwater harvesting, intelligent and natural illumination;

Buildup an energy monitoring system in order to evaluate the building performance in terms of interior air quality, energy production and consumption. This system intends to be a demonstration tool for diversified public targets.

Zero Emission Building – Technologic Park of Moura, is registered in the Strategic Program “REDE ECOS” - Energy and Sustainable Construction, under the Urban Network for Competitive Edge and Innovation, Policy of Cities XXI and it's co-funded by INAlentejo. (Programa Estratégico da REDE ECOS – Energia e Construção Sustentáveis, no âmbito das Redes Urbanas para a Competitividade e Inovação, da Política de Cidades XXI, e é cofinanciado pelo INAlentejo.)


Reinforcement of Management Structure of Moura's Technological Park

This reinforcement aims to create a management system to promote a technical and professional structure to ensure a comprehensive answer to the prospective management challenges of Moura's Technological Park, in areas like science and innovation, technology and its transfer and entrepreneurship.

The development strategy pillar consists in connecting common interests that will led into the creation of a competitive edge through Moura's Technological Park as a way to create a cluster in the areas of Renewable Energies and Environment. The target consists in joining economies which will permit that Moura's Technological Park turns into a reference “brand” in the domains of R&D and Technology & Innovation, that will enable the dynamism of local economies and highly qualified job market.

 This program is co-funded by INAlentejo, through the Strategic Program REDE ECOS -  Energy and Sustainable Construction.